What is a Landmark?

A landmark is something that helps you know where you are in space, time and history. It can be natural or man-made, and it can be a building or a statue.

Landmarks are also a very important part of a city’s architecture and history, so it is vital that they are preserved and maintained. They help people to connect to a place and feel a sense of pride in the place that they live in.

The term “landmark” comes from the Latin word limnari, meaning “to mark”. It can mean anything that makes someone think of a place or that is seen as important and significant.

Many people see landmarks as symbols of a particular country, culture or history, and some famous buildings are landmarks too, such as the Statue of Liberty in New York.

There are many kinds of landmarks, and some are very big, old or very important. Some landmarks are even protected by government as a world heritage site.

These landmarks can be very impressive and sometimes they attract lots of visitors.

Some landmarks are naturally beautiful and others are made with clever engineering or a new design. There are also some landmarks that are so old they are almost a relic of a past civilization, like the pyramids in Egypt.

In some cases, a landmark can be a very old tree or a mountain that was used by explorers to find their way around the world.

They can also be a famous building or statue that is seen all over the world. For example, the Statue of Liberty in New York greets people when they arrive in the United States and is a very famous landmark in the world.

Another type of landmark is a navigational landmark, which is a way to programmatically identify sections of a page and provide keyboard access to those sections. This is a good practice for screen reader users, as it can help them to orient themselves to the page and navigate to various parts of it easily.

When using landmarks, it is a good practice to label all the content on the page, so that screen reader users can quickly see what information is being included on a particular page. If you use multiple landmark roles or nav> elements on a single page, provide a unique label for each one.

You can also provide a textual description of the landmark role to assist assistive technology (AT) users who are using the browser’s voice recognition feature. You can also add the landmark role to a form field or a div surrounding it, so that screen reader users who use a screen reading program will be able to read it.

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