What Are SARMs

sarms are designed to selectively bind with androgen receptors in muscle tissue, resulting in protein synthesis. They have the potential to increase lean muscle mass, boost strength, and improve athletic performance. While they have not yet been approved for human consumption, this hasn’t stopped bodybuilders and athletes from using them to achieve their fitness goals.

They are taken orally, in pill or liquid form, rather than injected like anabolic steroids. This eliminates the need for dirty needles, which can lead to severe infections and injuries. SARMs are also considered more women-friendly than anabolic steroids, as they don’t produce virilization effects.

Some SARMs are available without a prescription, although they can only be purchased from reliable sources. Others are only available in the black market and require a doctor’s prescription to purchase. Buying SARMs in the black market can be dangerous, as many products may contain untested ingredients or have substances other than those advertised.

The SARMs most commonly used in the bodybuilding community include andarine, ibutamoren, enobosarm, and glycerolurin. These compounds are known for their ability to promote rapid muscle growth, and they can also sustain that growth over time. Andarine is an acetate ester, which means it can be ingested orally and is very easy to use.

SARMs are sold by online retailers and through some health supplement stores. They are categorized as supplements, but they have not been through any safety testing. Some of these SARMs are known to cause adverse side effects, including hair loss and liver damage.

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