What Are Butt Connectors?

When you need to splice together two wires that are in direct contact with each other but can’t be separated, a butt connector is the ideal solution. Also known as splice connectors or crimp connectors, butt connector terminals offer a quick and reliable way to make a permanent in-line connection in the most hazardous environments.

A butt connector consists of a crimp-style sleeve with a conductive interior that you can use to connect one wire to another by stripping the ends and inserting them into the sleeve, which can then be “crimped” or pressed on using a crimp tool. This compresses the sleeve around the conductors and creates a solid bond between the two. There are several different types of butt connectors available, and they come in a variety of different lengths and styles. Most butt connectors are made of pure copper, and many are tin plated to provide corrosion resistance. There are also a few high-temperature options for use in motors and other hot applications.

The type of butt connector that you need will depend on the application and the environment in which it will be installed. For instance, a waterproof butt connector is an excellent option for use in the engine bay of your vehicle or in other outdoor locations where water may be present. There are even butt splice connectors that are designed to handle extreme temperatures without melting or deforming, so you can be sure of a secure and long-lasting connection.

Generally speaking, butt connectors are easy to use and require little skill to install. To do so, you simply need to ensure that the electricity is turned off at the source and then cut or remove a small section of each end of the wires. Then insert them into the splice connector and crimp or press on them to secure the connections. Some butt splice connectors also include a clear heat shrink tube that can be used to cover the connection and help to protect it from moisture, dust and other debris.

For more specialized or high-risk applications, butt connectors are also available with soldering capability. These types of butt splice connectors feature a soldering insert inside the sleeve that melts over the conductors and joins them together. Stripped wires insert into the openings on each end of the splice connector until they bypass the soldering point, which can then be heated by a heat gun and melted over to complete the connection.

There are also step-down butt splice connectors that can be used to connect a larger gauge wire to a smaller gauge wire. These butt splice connectors have different internal diameters on each side of the body, and they’re marked with color-coded dashes that indicate what size wires each side can accept. For instance, a red band indicates that the splice connector is rated to take 20-18 AWG wire while a blue band indicates that it can accept 16-14 AWG. You can find these butt splice connectors in several colors and sizes here at Crowbar Electrical Parts, so you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your specific needs.

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