WeTransfer Alternatives

File sharing is a must-have for many business environments, whether you’re working on a project with colleagues or sending clients images and videos. But WeTransfer’s free 2GB limit is just not enough for some users, especially if you’re transferring large PSB files or campaigns with 4k video assets. Fortunately, there are plenty of WeTransfer alternatives that can give you much bigger transfer limits as well as more features like malware protection and download history.

MEGA, for example, is a great WeTransfer alternative for those looking for huge storage and transfer capacity. It offers a generous 100GB free data allowance for file transfers and up to 15TB worth of storage. It also supports multiple file formats and is easy to use. It’s also fast, which makes it a good choice for transferring large projects.

Another option for those who need more than a basic file-sharing service is Dropbox, which offers both a free and paid plan. The free version allows you to share up to 2GB of files with no account required, and recipients can access the file through a public link for seven days. The paid version raises the transfer limit to 20GB and includes extra features, such as the ability to set passwords and expiration dates.

Sync is another WeTransfer alternative that’s well suited for users who need more control over their file sharing. It uses end-to-end encryption to protect files from prying eyes, so they’re encrypted when you upload them to the cloud, in transit, and when they’re downloaded. Its only drawback is that it doesn’t offer any sort of archiving or deleting options, so your files could stay online indefinitely.

Send Anywhere is another popular WeTransfer alternative that lets you easily send files without having to register or create an account. It’s a simple tool with lots of options, including the ability to add passwords and set download expiration dates for added security. It also has a handy desktop application that lets you keep track of your files and folders.

Another big advantage of Send Anywhere is that it supports multiple file formats, including video and music. This makes it easy to upload files of any size and format to your recipient. It’s also fast and easy to use, which is a must for any business.

While Smash is another WeTransfer alternative that offers unlimited transfer and storage, it’s not recommended for those who need to move large projects or assets. The free service doesn’t prioritize transfers of files over 2 GB, and the only way to get priority is to upgrade to its Pro package for $12 per month or $120 on a yearly plan. It also has a limited customer support service and no real-time collaboration or progress tracking tools, which are essential in a business environment.

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