We Buy Junk Cars in Lehigh Acres

Whether your car is in great shape or a complete wreck, you can turn it into cash when you sell it to a junk yard near Lehigh Acres. At your local Pull-A-Part FL junkyard, you can get the best value for your old or damaged vehicle. Instead of wasting your time with private buyers or trying to sell it for parts yourself, let our junk car buyers give you a guaranteed offer and free towing. We’ll even handle all the title transfer paperwork. Plus, we’ll give you more money for your junk car than other salvage yards in Florida.

We Buy Junk Cars in Cape Coral, Bonita Springs, Estero, Lehigh Acres, North Fort Myers & Lee County

If your transmission is slipping, it may not be safe to drive anymore. It can cause your car to shift gears unexpectedly and potentially harm you or someone else. In many cases, a slipping transmission is caused by worn out or improperly calibrated components. This is why it’s important to take your vehicle to a mechanic when it starts acting up.

How do I know if my transmission is slipping?
What is the best way to fix a transmission?Do you have a broken transmission?When should I replace my transmission?What are some common signs of a bad transmission?Why is my car’s transmission making loud noises? we buy junk cars lehigh acres fl

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