Water Soluble Film Manufacturers

Water soluble film manufacturers produce films that can be used to package a specific dosage of a chemical product in liquid or solid form. These types of packaging materials are useful for a variety of applications, including agricultural chemicals, fertilizers, detergents and other industrial products. The ability of these films to dissolve quickly in water makes them an environmentally friendly option for packaging these products. Upon dissolving, these films leave no hazardous material behind, and their components break down into harmless compounds in less than three months.

The growth of the packaging industry is driving the demand for these eco-friendly materials. In addition, stringent government regulations on plastic waste is boosting the demand for biodegradable water-soluble films. Moreover, the need for safe packaging of harsh chemicals is also increasing the demand for these types of packaging solutions.

These films are primarily made of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA or PVOH). They completely dissolve in water and are highly biodegradable, meaning that they do not persist in the environment, pollute the recycling stream or contribute to microplastic contamination. They are favored by leading consumer goods and retail companies as they help to reduce their environmental footprint and comply with strict government regulations on plastic waste.

Some of the major players in the global water-soluble films market include Kuraray Co. Ltd (Japan), Sekisui Chemical Co. Ltd (Japan), Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (Japan) and Arrow Greentech Ltd (India). Other prominent vendors include Foshan Yingfa Plastic Materials Co. Ltd. and Fujian Zhongsu Biodegradable Films Co. Ltd. water soluble film manufacturers

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