Water Soluble Bag Manufacturers

A water soluble bag manufacturer can offer a variety of bags. These bags can be used to contain chemicals and powders for use in industrial, commercial and residential settings. They can also be used to hold food, pharmaceuticals, cleaning supplies and more. The bags are also environmentally friendly and safe to handle, and they dissolve quickly in hot or cold water. They can also be recycled with other water soluble products.

A key feature of the invention is a composite uniplanar plastic film. This consists of a strip of a cold water soluble plastic film bonded at its edge to a strip of a hot water soluble plastic film. The cold water soluble portion of the film dissolves in cold water and the hot water soluble portion of the film dissolves upon elevation of the temperature.

Another advantage of the PVA material that is used in the manufacture of these polybags is its marine degradability. This is a key benefit in some applications, especially those that involve the containment of contaminated laundry. For example, the use of these polybags in hospitals to isolate soiled clothing and linen can help minimize the spread of infection from blood borne pathogens and MRSA. These bags can also be used to contain pests such as bed bugs.

The bags that are produced by a water soluble bag manufacturer can be made to have a variety of different dimensions and closures. Some can be closed using zips, twist ties or heat sealers. Others can be sealed with tape or woven materials. Some are available with handles or other features for ease of handling and to make them more visible in a busy environment. Other bags are designed to be printed on with a custom logo or design, which can be useful in promotional campaigns.

These bags are ideal for hospitals and nursing homes that need to minimize contact between staff and soiled laundry. The bags are also used in hotels, motels and correctional facilities, and in camps. They can be used to contain contaminated clothing or linen, and they will safely dissolve into harmless ingredients during the cold wash laundry cycle.

Water soluble bags are also used in the dyeing process, to prepare and store various chemical powders for the dyeing process. The bags can be sealed and weighed to ensure the correct amount of dye is used for each color. The bags will then be dipped into the washing machine to be washed. The bags will then dissolve into the sewage disposal system.

Many producers of these polybags claim that their product is a good replacement for single-use plastic. These claims need to be backed up by detailed life-cycle analysis (LCA) data. One of the major suppliers of this type of polybag, Aquapak, has done this and published the results in a white paper that is publicly available. The LCA data, however, show that the carbon footprint of this material is significantly higher than that of low-density polyethylene, which is traditionally used to make polybags. water soluble bag manufacturers

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