Voiceover Training – Courses to Help You Become a Voice Actor

If you’re an aspiring voice actor or simply want to be a better speaker, you can find great training through online courses. Many of these courses are free, and you can even take them with a Coursera Plus subscription ($59/mo).

The Beginning Seminar
This course from Voicetrax offers an insightful introduction to the world of voice acting. It covers basic voice acting fundamentals such as detailed acting choices and script interpretation as well as recording and professional editing of your work, which is crucial for attracting new clients.

Finding the right voice coach
A quality voice coach can accelerate your development as a voice artist. They can provide advice on how to approach a recording session, help you understand your vocal strengths and weaknesses and offer feedback on your performances. They can also teach you techniques that you can use on your own to improve your performance, such as “leveling” (reading the script at the volume that you plan to read it out loud), popping (plosive speech sound produced by a sudden burst of air into the microphone) and punching (using voice to highlight words with notably sharp and emphatic tone).

Marketing yourself
The first step to becoming a successful voice actor is ensuring that you’re getting enough work. This involves contacting companies directly to pitch yourself, as well as reaching out to agencies that can connect you with clients. In this course, you’ll learn how to make the most of your time and resources by effectively promoting yourself as a voice talent. Voiceover training

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