Vintage Turkish Rugs

Vintage turkish rugs are among the most sought-after rugs in the world. They’re known for their rich heritage that spans centuries and have an allure that never goes out of style. The intricate designs and motifs embody the Turkish culture and are a unique feature of the rug weaving world.

The first clear historical record of Turkish rug production dates back to the thirteenth century, when the Seljuk Turks ruled over the Anatolian region. Their sophisticated compositions are a testament to the refined art of rug making in Turkey at the time. However, socio-political changes and raids by Mongols eventually brought about the original Ottoman rule of Turkey in the fourteenth century. The Ottomans inherited the advanced rug production skills of the Seljuks and later the Timurid rulers, preserving many of their styles while pushing the boundaries of rug making in new directions. The popular central medallion rug format that originated in the Timurid period is an example of this innovation.

Throughout the years, other regions of Turkey have produced their own distinctive styles and materials. For instance, rug weaving centers in Bergama produce tribal-influenced Turkoman pieces, while the prestigious Oushak town produces decorative room-sized carpets that are revered for their soft pastel coloration. The renowned rug town of Kirshehir, on the other hand, draws its inspiration from Persian influenced designs and motifs as it was situated on the silk trade route.

When it comes to cleaning your rug, it’s important to treat it with the care it deserves. As with any wool area rug, it should be washed only in cold water using 100% natural soaps meant for carpets and laid flat to dry. A rug that is properly cared for will last a lifetime and beyond.

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