The PGDL – The Conversion Course For Those Who Want to Become Solicitors Or Barristers Without an LLB Degree

The PGDL is the conversion course for those who want to become solicitors or barristers without an LLB degree. It is the most popular path for non-law graduates into the legal profession, and completion shows that you have made a serious commitment to your career as a lawyer and that you understand the fundamentals of law.

It is possible to complete the PGDL as a full-time student, and there are also part-time options available too for those who wish to work alongside their studies. However, it’s important to ensure that your chosen PGDL provider offers the course set up that best meets your study goals. Some providers prioritise a practical approach, whereas others focus on the theory of law and the law as a subject.

You will be assessed in the form of written examinations, and you’ll likely need to pass all of them to achieve a passing grade. It’s worth taking the time to prepare for these assessments. This might mean attending lectures and using revision guides. It might also mean finding a tutor who can help you with your specific learning needs.

If you’re a working professional, it can be difficult to balance studying for your PGDL with other life commitments. However, it’s essential that you make the most of your PGDL and attend as many lectures and tutorials as you can. Taking this time will allow you to get to know the lecturers and the university, and it will improve your chances of success when it comes to assessments. PGDL

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