The Joe Tippens Protocol

The Joe Tippens Protocol is a regimen of various treatments that includes fenbendazole (Safegaurd brand recommended) CBD oil, berberines and vitamin E. It’s a simple plan that has some people’s cancers completely disappearing while others say it has improved their condition. This is a case of medicine moving back into the hands of the people and it is gaining traction around the world.

In January of 2017, Joe Tippens was told that he had less than a one percent chance of survival and three months to live. He had small cell lung cancer that had spread to his neck, stomach, liver, bladder and pancreas. His PET scan lit up like a Christmas tree and he was sure that it was the end of his life. But he wasn’t ready to give up and he sought advice from a veterinarian friend who told him that she had heard of a scientist using a dog de-worming drug on her own cancer, and it had worked.

So Joe went and bought fenbendazole, the dog medication, and he began taking it along with his other supplements. After 3 months, his PET scan showed that there were no more cancer cells. He credits fenbendazole for saving his life and he has documented his story on his website Get Busy Living.

It would be easy for a lot of people to dismiss the story of joe tippen as anecdote and hyperbole, but there are some valid reasons why it should not be dismissed so easily. The fact is that more and more research is being done on fenbendazole, which is a common anti-worm medicine used in dogs, as a possible cancer cure, and the results are promising. joe tippens protocol

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