The Benefits of Dry Needling

Dry needling is a technique that involves penetrating the skin with sterile, single-use needles. The procedure is based on western medical and research approaches, rather than ancient Chinese acupuncture practices. The benefits of dry needling include pain relief, muscle relaxation and improved movement.

During a treatment, your physical therapist will sterilize the needle site before inserting it. They will feel (palpate) the area with one hand or finger to locate the trigger point. Then, they will use the other hand to place a specialized filiform needle surrounded by a plastic guide tube into the targeted muscle. They may also apply electrical stimulation during the session. This helps the muscle relax further and enhances the treatment’s effectiveness.

Once the needle is inserted, it causes an involuntary ‘local twitch response.’ It is not painful, but the sensation may be brief and achy. This confirms that the needle has hit the trigger point and deactivated it.

The treatment stimulates the muscles to increase their extensibility and contractibility, which decreases your pain and improves your mobility. Often, patients experience immediate pain reduction, while others see improvement within a couple of days.

Adding dry needling to your physical therapy regimen can speed up your recovery time, especially if you have limited mobility and chronic tight, painful muscles. It can also help prevent future problems and reduce the need for prescription medications or more invasive procedures. dry needling north canton

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