Sex Addiction Symptoms

Sex addiction symptoms can manifest in a variety of ways, but the common factor is an obsession with sexual activities or behaviors that take over an individual’s life. These can include persistent fantasies, avoiding other activities and committing risky acts in order to satisfy the urges, regardless of the consequences.

Just like any other addictive behavior, sex addiction can cause serious mental health problems. If a person’s sexual habits are interfering with their relationships, employment and other responsibilities or creating significant distress, they should seek help. Sex addiction treatment programs can help people learn to control their sexual impulses and build a healthier lifestyle.

The first thing a person needs to do is recognize that their sexual behaviors are out of control. It is normal for a person to have a high sexual drive, but it becomes a problem when those desires become obsessive or interfere with daily activities. In addition, the desire for sex can lead to risky behaviours such as promiscuous or frequent sex or engaging in sexual behavior with strangers.

A sex addiction recovery program should involve individual and group therapy. It should also offer the option for residential or inpatient treatment, where a person will live at a rehab facility while receiving intensive treatment away from daily stressors. Some treatment centers offer sex addiction support groups, such as those similar to Alcoholics Anonymous or Love Addicts Anonymous, that allow individuals to meet with other members in a confidential and safe setting.

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