Sealant Manufacturers

Sealant Manufacturers produce specialty adhesives & sealants used in building & construction, automotive & aerospace industries. Their products may include polyurethane foam, silicones, acrylics & polysulfides. They are characterized by their flexibility, durability & resistance to harsh environments & conditions. Sealants & adhesives are usually formulated with a base polymer, extenders & modifiers. Their specific formulation varies between manufacturers. However, there are a few generalized characteristics that can be used to compare and select the best product for an application.

An important characteristic to consider when selecting a sealant is its compatibility with the product material it will be sealing or bonding together. The incompatibility of a sealant on a product can lead to poor adhesion or even failure. A sealant that is incompatible with a product may also liberate toxic chemicals during or after cure, which can be hazardous to workers & the environment.

Adhesives & sealants come in many forms, such as pastes & liquids. They are typically applied to the mating surfaces before they are joined, or sprayed directly into the gap between mated parts. Sealants are more flexible than adhesives, so they can bridge gaps and allow some movement while maintaining their integrity. Often, sealants remain pliable and do not fully lock the two parts together, instead relying on mechanical fasteners to maintain contact.

Typical sealant applications include sealing joints in buildings, cladding, floors, walls, roofs & external surfaces, water retaining structures like dams, reservoirs & canal linings, and bridges, roads & aerodromes. They can be used in combination with metals, glass, concrete & plastics. Many are also able to withstand the rigors of weathering, such as UV light, temperature extremes & exposure to chemicals.

Some sealants are formulated to provide extra benefits, such as being fire-retardant or meeting a particular environmental requirement. For example, a sealant may have USDA or FDA acceptance for use in food processing areas & clean rooms. This type of requirement is a significant factor in choosing a sealant, as it will need to be safe for workers, equipment & the surrounding environment.

The leading adhesives & sealants companies employ thousands of people in multiple locations across the globe. They are characterized by their dedication to innovation, sourcing of raw materials and the ability to deliver reliable products in large volumes. These companies are also focused on sustainability and developing new solutions to meet the needs of customers in a fast-moving world. The top companies have diverse client bases ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies and offer an extensive range of products. They are well-known for their brand name products and industry-specific brands that they have developed through research & development. They also offer custom formulations to ensure their customers get the right products for their unique projects.

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