Reserve Residences at Case Western Reserve University

Reserve residences are a type of student housing available to first-year students at Case Western Reserve University. They are the ideal place for you to start your collegiate experience and get to know other students who share your interests and passions.

Resident Assistants are your peers, undergraduate students who also live on campus and are committed to helping you build your CWRU experience and making it the best possible experience for you. They are responsible for providing academic and social support to help you achieve your goals here on campus.

RAs are your neighbors and support system on and off campus. They are there to answer your questions and ensure you have everything you need to succeed.

Residents on reserve may have a wide range of needs when it comes to housing. They may be looking for a space with enough room to study, have a quiet space or need a home that is close to classes and other on-campus activities.

Our residential communities offer many options to fit your living needs including one, two and three bedroom apartment homes. Each apartment and townhome is designed to meet the unique lifestyle needs of our residents and includes the essential amenities that you desire in your home.

You can choose to rent a single- or double-occupancy apartment with a kitchen and living area. Our spacious, contemporary apartments feature quality finishes such as hard surface (faux) wood flooring and granite countertops in the kitchens. The community also offers a heart-healthy cardio and fitness studio, a business center and study lounges in each apartment building.

We invite you to explore all of our apartments and community features to find the right one for your lifestyle. Contact us to schedule a tour and see our beautiful properties in person!

The federal government has established a variety of programs to help address the housing needs of residents on reserves. Some of these programs provide loans to band members for construction and renovation projects, while others are geared towards providing low-interest mortgages or lines of credit to fund the purchase of a home.

In addition, some Canadian provinces have a program for assisting with the purchase of a house on a reserve. In Ontario, for example, the government has established a fund that provides a grant to assist with the cost of home ownership on Indian reserves.

Other programs are designed to support the development of infrastructure on reserves such as schools and roads. They also provide emergency assistance for residents who are dealing with a disaster or crisis.

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) has established a special loan program for the construction of on-reserve housing. This program is provided to both private lenders and First Nations bands.

Although these loans are not always a solution for all, they do allow reserves to acquire the housing that they need to survive in a changing environment. The CMHC has a number of programs that are specifically tailored to the unique housing challenges faced by First Nations.

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