Pressure Clean – How to Prepare a Surface for a Pressure Wash

When a surface needs a good cleaning, a pressure clean is often the answer. The process of spraying a surface with water under high pressure removes built up dirt, dust, grime, mildew, algae and more. It’s less harsh than scrubbing with a brush or broom and can reach into crevices and corners where dirt and debris tend to accumulate.

Before starting a pressure wash, it’s important to prepare the area. Remove or move items that could be harmed by the water, such as potted plants, furniture, and other outdoor accessories. If you’re washing a house or garage exterior, shut off electricity to the area being cleaned and cover outlets, light fixtures, doorbells, and air conditioning units with tarps or plastic. It’s also a good idea to close any windows in the area that could get wet during the cleaning process.

If the surface you’re cleaning has a concrete or mortar finish, prep it by using a stiff bristle brush to scrub away any oil, motor or chemical stains before you power wash. Then, use a nozzle that produces a narrow spray to give your concrete surfaces the best cleaning.

While many homeowners choose to perform their own pressure washing, hiring a professional is the safest way to ensure the job gets done right. Experienced professionals know the appropriate settings for equipment and how much pressure to apply to avoid damage. They can also use the right cleaning solution to help sanitize and disinfect surfaces, such as decks and patios, for a fresh, clean look. pressure clean

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