Pokemon Gyms – Battles And Badges

Trainers who wish to participate in the Pokemon League and become champion must first complete a task of gathering all the gym badges in their region. Gym Badges are fairly decorated badges usually representing the type of Pokemon the Gym Leader uses. As in, Brock of Pewter City uses Rock type Pokemon and his badge you earn from defeating him resembles a boulder.

Each region has eight badges, the first badge is usually easy to get while the eighth badge is harder to get. In order to defeat the gym leaders, your Pokemon must be strong and it usually helps if your Pokemon has a types advantage of the Gym Leader. For example, if you plan to challenge Blaine of the Kanto region, it would be to your advantage to bring a water, rock or ground type Pokemon with you since Blaine uses Fire type Pokemon.

Once you gather all eight badges you can go to the Pokemon League. In order to get to the Pokemon League you must have all eight gym badges and can make it through Victory Road. Victory Road is a cave that challenges you and your Pokemon to prove if your worthy to challenge the League. You usually will have to use some moves like surf to maneuver through the rivers and small lakes in the tunnel. Waterfall will help you climb up waterfalls using your Pokemon to assist you. Moves that you will need to use on land are strength, rock climb, and rock smash. You can use your Pokemon to push boulders out of the way with strength. Rock climb allows you to climb up a stream of rocks. Rock smash is an attack that destroys small boulders in your way. It is important to have Pokemon that can learn these moves with you so you don’t have to capture a Pokemon that does. These moves can only be used if you earn a certain Gym Badge. As in, you can’t use cut outside of battle in the Sinnoh region until you defeat the grass type Gym Leader, Gardenia.

If you want to become a Pokemon Master, it is extremely important to gather your region’s eight gym badges and challenge the Elite Four in the Pokemon League to prove that you are a true champion! Pokemon Toys

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