Paint by Numbers Bestseller

Paint by numbers bestseller is an ideal collection for all those who want to take their painting skills to the next level and learn new techniques. Malen nach Zahlen eigenes foto This best-selling set includes everything you need to create a stunning piece of art, all at an affordable price.


The animal kingdom is an amazing place where nature has created a wealth of different species and each of them has their own unique qualities that are impossible to forget. From birds in the garden to wild African safaris, these animals have captivated us for a long time and this paint by numbers collection offers you a way to capture that beauty and share it with the world.


For a long time, flowers have captivated us and they never stop inspiring us. Whether it’s Monet’s water lilies or Van Gogh’s sunflowers, flowers are a timeless classic that will always amaze and inspire. Creating your own painting of these beautiful blooms is a wonderful way to bring some happiness into your home and a wonderful activity for you and your family.

Abstract & Modern

Another great paint by numbers kit is our modern collection which captures the real essence of abstract and modern art through their templates. These designs are based on the real artists work and will give you the opportunity to paint an artwork that represents your imagination.

Claude Monet

Claude Monet is known as one of the most prominent impressionists in history and this paint by numbers set will help you to explore the artist’s style and creativity. The Water Lilies paint by numbers set will allow you to re-create a masterpiece of the French artist and will give you a true insight into how he captured the light and shadow to achieve his iconic paintings.

Movie posters

Many people love to watch their favorite movies and there is no better way to capture that passion than with a movie poster painting. With a movie poster paint by numbers canvas, you can create a masterpiece that will be the envy of all your friends and family!

Themes & Colours

Paint by numbers kits come in a range of themes that make them perfect for all ages. There are kits that are suitable for children as well as adult painters and each of these canvases are made with bright, vibrant colours that will be sure to impress.

A paint by numbers kit is a fantastic way to keep the kids entertained and will also encourage them to try new things as they will be able to create something that they can be proud of hanging on their walls. Whether you are looking to teach your children the basics of paint or are just trying to get them into a creative frame of mind, our junior paint by numbers kits will have them so excited they will be hard pressed to put down their brushes!

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