Modern Kitchen Cabinets

The clean lines of Modern style cabinets are a timeless choice that won’t look dated or out of place no matter what design trends come and go. The flat shapes and horizontal lines of this cabinet aesthetic complement angular kitchen designs and emphasize a sense of open space. Wood is a classic material in this style, whether it’s a richly veined walnut or a sleek, contemporary plywood veneer. For a more streamlined appearance, consider frameless cabinetry without any crown molding or raised panels.

Glass is another popular option for modern cabinets, as it lets light in while providing a unique architectural style. For a more dramatic statement, opt for louvered doors that feature spaces between each slat for a look that’s both functional and artistic. If you don’t want to deal with the maintenance of a glass door, try frosted or stained glass paneling on your cabinetry instead.

Color is a key component of the Modern style, and while neutral shades are a staple, there’s nothing wrong with brighter options. Just be sure to keep your accent colors within the same family, so they don’t compete or clash with each other.

The simplest way to modernize your cabinets is by replacing the traditional cabinet hardware with linear metal pulls or dispense with handles altogether. This streamlined look allows you to display decorative mugs and other items that add visual interest. For a more eclectic feel, opt for craft wire-mesh door inserts overlaid with a metal diamond pattern like designer Rebekah Zaveloff did in this kitchen. modern kitchen cabinets

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