Mile High Club = London’s Best Bars With A View

The table with the view in any restaurant is the best table in the house, so by rights, the restaurants with the best views in town offer the best tables. Combine that with a great chef and you end up with an unmissable experience. Dinner at London’s Post Office Tower was one of the hottest tables in town before IRA terrorism closed it down in the 1980s. Today, with bigger-is-better architecture taking over the capital, new sky high restaurants are sprouting up all over the place.

For a classic taste of ‘high end’ dining, Conran’s Oxo Tower delivers consistently good cuisine with views over to the north embankment of the Thames within the body of one of London’s most iconic architectural designs. A more modern offering is Gary Rhodes’ TwentyFour, floating on the 24th floor of the former NatWest tower at the heart of the City of London. Further up on the 42nd floor, Champagne bar Vertigo offers the highest views in town, occasionally offering the unique experience of seeing a police or weather helicopter flying around below you. Not far away, the ‘glass gherkin’, as it has become commonly known, houses an amazing glass-clad peak that offers 360 degree views over London, but sadly, only the few thousand business residents of the office block are allowed the privilege of this experience.

Below is a selection of our favourite gastronomic hangouts. For that heavenly ambience, you will have to book in advance and don’t forget to give yourselves a few extra minutes to get there in the first place. 다낭 붐붐

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