Lampe de chevet tactile

It is important to recognize that proper lighting is essential when playing, practicing, or performing at the piano.  It is for this reason that House of Troy makes an entire line of lamps that are specially designed for use on pianos. These lamps allow flexibility in directing the light exactly where you need it, on the music and the piano keys, and have a whole list of other features that make them perfect for use on pianos. They are solidly built, offer flexibility in directing light, come in many models, styles, and designs, and many are lightweight and portable, allowing musicians to transport them to performances and rehearsals. 

One popular design is the Balance Arm Lamp, also called a Counter Balance lamp.  These piano lamps work on both grand and upright pianos.  They can be placed on either side of the piano, and have a shade which is attached to a long adjustable arm that reaches over to illuminate the music.

When looking to purchase a balance arm lamp, you should first consider a few things to make sure you choose a lamp that will meet your needs.  First to consider is the amount and type of light a balance arm lamp throws. Some lamps use a T10 incandescent bulb available in either 40 or 60 watts. This light is similar to the light you get from a regular household light bulb. Both 40 and 60-watt T10 bulbs provide sufficient light to clearly read your music, so choosing between them is more a matter of personal preference as to how bright you would like the lamp to be. Other balance arm lamps use fluorescent bulbs which throw more of a white warm light, are more energy efficient and last longer than incandescent bulbs. Fluorescent bulbs typically require about one quarter of the energy than incandescent bulbs do and also produce 75% less heat.  Many balance arm lamps use a 13w PL fluorescent bulb, which is equivalent to 55 watts of incandescent light. 
Some balance arm lamps have a double adjustable arm, which allows you to adjust both the height and the extension of the arm.  This is important for fine-tuning the placement of the shade.  Also, the shades swivel to further direct the light, making these one of the most flexible lamp choices for pianos.  Other balance arm lamps have a stationary arm where the extension or reach of the lamp is stationary, but the height of the arm remains adjustable and the shade also rotates. 
You should consider the differences between the two arm types when making a decision to purchase a balance arm lamp.  Both arm types allow for focused light on the music. The stationary arm works great if you have room to move the base of the lamp back and forth so that the shade is positioned directly over the music. (This lamp works better on an upright piano).  Double adjustment balance arm lamps are better if you have limited space in which to place the lamp as on a Grand Piano. The adjustment arm allows you more flexibility in lamp placement because the arm can be adjusted to extend or retract which helps position the shade directly over the music. If you use a stationary arm balance lamp on a grand piano, the shade may either over-shoot or fall short of the sheet music. With the double adjustment type, you can move the arm to put the shade exactly where you want it.  In a nutshell, balance arm lamps with a stationary arm are better used for upright pianos, and balance lamps with a double adjustment arm work better on grand pianos.

All balance arm lamps have 10″ shades that encircle the bulb and rotate, which helps to focus the light on specific areas. The arms have a height adjustment range from 0″ to 26″ depending on the model chosen.  The on/off switch is conveniently located either on the front of the base or on the socket for easy access. These lamps have a solid weighted square or round base, which keeps the lamp solid on the piano at any extension of the arm, without the possibility of tipping the lamp. Extending the arm even to full length will not cause the lamp to be thrown off balance. 
Balance arm piano lamps are so versatile that they can easily be used in other areas of the home or office.  They function well as a nightstand light for reading, on desk and table- tops, in studios and in many other areas.  They are also lightweight and portable, so they come in handy for musicians and others who travel to performance venues, rehearsals, churches, schools, etc.
House of Troy Lighting has a great selection of handcrafted balance arm lamps.  You can choose from contemporary and traditional styles, antique finishes, crystal and brass models, polished brass and marble designs, and other styles and finishes. Lampe de chevet tactile

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