Kiddush Cup

A kiddush cup is used to perform the Jewish ritual of kiddush, the sanctification of Shabbat or other holidays and celebrations. It is usually made from silver and is adorned with fruit or grapes. Whether you are looking for a modern or more traditional kiddush cup, we have a great selection to choose from.

The most common size is a small cup that holds about a revi’it of wine or grape juice. The cups are crafted from a variety of materials, such as silver or crystal, pewter, porcelain and glass. Some are adorned with fruit, while others have more elaborate designs. Some are decorated with initials or names engraved on them while others have religious themes like an architectural scene of a town or synagogue.

Kiddush cups may be filled with any kosher wine that is not mevushal, but it is preferable to use a mevushal (cooked) bottle. However, if a cup of tainted wine is used it can be remedied by mixing even a tiny amount of untainted wine into the mixture.

Many people also use the cup to serve a special havdalah candle after dinner and dessert on Friday night or during the Jewish holiday havdalah service. The cup is also often used for bar or bat mitzvah ceremonies, weddings and other events. There are many beautiful kiddush cups to choose from, ranging from the more classic look of traditional glass or ceramic with metal, to contemporary kiddush cups that combine gorgeous materials in a unique way. kiddush cup

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