Is the Progestogen Only Injection The Right Method For You?

There are numerous contraceptive options available these days which women may wish to consider. The use of condoms and oral contraceptive pills have reached a new level altogether as they have proved to be nearly 100% effective in preventing pregnancy. However, there is also a form of contraception known as the contraceptive injection which is some women find to be more suitable for them. Noristerat is a reversible contraceptive that is directed into your body in the form of an injection. It is composed of the primary ingredient norethisterone enanthate, which is a synthetic progestogen.

The Noristerat injection provides protection from unplanned pregnancy for two months at a time. It is quite a popular method of contraception even amongst women whose partners recently had a vasectomy and want complete protection while it gets effective. It is also a popular choice of women who are being immunised against rubella and wish to refrain from conceiving while the virus is active. It cannot be used for a long period, unlike Depo-Provera, but there are still many women who rely on this progestogen-only injection.  The artificial hormones are administrated into the muscles of the buttock or upper arm via an injection. The artificial progestogen is gradually released into the body for a period of eight weeks. Ideally, it should be injected within the first five days of your menstrual cycle for greater efficacy. However, it can also be administered after the fifth day, but you will have to use another additional contraceptive for the next seven days.

The use of the Noristerat injection for the second time is usually discouraged as it is not a long-acting reversible contraceptive. If you are looking for a long-term progestogen-only injection, you can opt for Depo-Provera. This injection has gained immense popularity owing to the benefits associated with it, such as it can also be used even if you are breastfeeding and the use of other medications along with it does not affect its working. A simple injection gives you almost 100% protection against pregnancy for nearly two weeks. It aids in reducing the heavy periods and gives you relief from uncomfortable PMS symptoms. It is also efficient in giving you protection against cancer of the womb lining and ovaries. This injection is also known to prevent women from developing pelvic inflammatory disease.

You should not use this injection immediately after giving birth, as a break of at least six weeks after the birth is needed. If you had a miscarriage or abortion at less than 24 weeks, you can get the Noristerat injection immediately. If you take this injection after seven days of miscarriage or abortion, you would have to use another form of protection for the next seven days. This form of contraception is not expected to cause any serious side effects. However, the possible side effects include headaches, nausea, mood swings, dizziness,  breast discomfort and some reaction at the site of injection. You should discuss your medical history before taking this injection to ensure that it is completely safe for you. 2 shot molding

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