How to Turn Light Off on iPhone Quickly and Easily

The iPhone’s LED flashlight is a great utility for when you need to find something in the dark. However, it can drain your battery if left on unchecked for too long.

Thankfully, there are a few ways to turn your flashlight on and off quickly without having to unlock your phone. One of the easiest methods is through Siri.

How to turn it on

The flashlight on your iPhone is a handy feature that can be helpful when you need to illuminate something quickly. It’s great for nighttime walking, checking your car for problems, or taking a quick look around the grocery store. However, it can also drain your battery if you use it for long periods of time.

Thankfully, there are several ways to turn on and off your iPhone’s flashlight. You can do it from the lock screen, via the Control Center, or even by asking Siri to do it for you.

To turn on your iPhone’s flashlight, open the Control Center and tap on the flashlight icon near the bottom of the screen. This will toggle the light on and off instantly.

For iOS 12 or later, you can also adjust the brightness of your flashlight with a single swipe in Control Center. Then, just point the LED flash on your phone at the object you want to light up and it’ll illuminate the area.

Some users have complained that their iPhone’s flashlight automatically turns on when it’s locked, which can drain the device’s battery quickly. While this may be a minor issue, it’s annoying and can also leave you wondering why your battery is running low.

Another way to turn the flashlight on or off is to use the Camera app. This works with all iPhone models, including the iPhone X.

When the Camera app opens, you’ll see a camera button in the lower right corner of the lock screen. Swipe the button up to turn the flashlight on, then swipe it down to shut it off.

If you have an iPhone X, XS, XS Max, or XR, the camera button also has the ability to dim the flashlight’s brightness when it’s turned on. When you’re done using the Camera app, just swipe it down to return to the lock screen.

Alternatively, you can create a Shortcut that lets you tap two or three times on the back of your phone to turn on the flashlight. This can be handy if you need to do it multiple times in a short amount of time. Just be sure to save the shortcut somewhere you’ll remember so you don’t accidentally forget it when you need it most.

How to turn it off

Whether you’re looking for your keys after a night out or trying to see what’s behind the couch when you’re alone, having a flashlight on your iPhone is a handy feature. But if you accidentally turn it on, or worse, tap on it by accident, you’ll want to know how to turn it off quickly and easily.

The easiest way to turn off the light on your iPhone is to swipe it down from the top right corner of the screen. This will bring up the Control Center and you’ll be able to easily tap the flashlight icon to turn it off.

But if you’re feeling like this method is a little too fiddly for your liking, or if you prefer not to open the Control Center from your Lock screen, you can also just activate Siri and ask it to turn off your flashlight. It takes a bit longer, but it’s much easier to turn off the light this way.

Another easy way to turn off your flashlight is to simply swipe it from the bottom of your screen when you’re waking up or going to sleep. This will open up the Camera app, which turns off the flashlight, and then shut it back down when you get back to the lock screen.

If you’re still having trouble turning off your iPhone’s light, you can try disabling the flash for notifications alerts. This setting is helpful for people who have hearing loss or are hard of hearing, as it allows them to receive notifications without disrupting their speech.

However, disabling this feature will also turn off the ring and vibration notifications that you may be used to receiving on your device. So, if you’re a person who loves their ring and vibrate notifications, this setting isn’t for you.

For users who aren’t bothered by the ring and vibrate alerts, you can disable this feature by going to Settings > Accessibility and tapping on the LED Flash for Alerts option. This setting will stop the flash from lighting up whenever you get a text message alert, but it won’t change any of your other notification settings in the Messages or other apps on your iPhone.

Why won’t my flashlight work?

If you’re trying to use your iPhone flashlight and the icon turns greyed out, it may be because iOS isn’t allowing it to work while you are using an app that has access to the camera. In this case, you should close the app that is causing the problem and try to use your flashlight again.

If this doesn’t help, it might be time to consider a factory reset of your iPhone. This is the best way to resolve software issues that are causing your flashlight not working on an iPhone but be sure to back up any data before doing so.

A common cause of the flashlight not working on an iPhone is a minor glitch in iOS, usually due to an update. However, if the issue is related to internal hardware, it might be necessary to contact Apple support for further assistance.

You can also try restarting your iPhone. This is a powerful solution that can fix a lot of different problems on your device.

Another thing that can be preventing your iPhone flashlight from functioning properly is an overheating issue. If your iPhone exceeds a certain temperature limit, it will shut down until the device cools off naturally.

To fix this, you should place your iPhone in a cool, shady place away from direct sunlight. Do not attempt to put your phone into the fridge, though, as this will damage it.

One other possible reason why your flashlight won’t function is because of inadvertent settings that you have unintentionally set. For instance, you might have set the flashlight to turn off when the screen is locked, which causes your iPhone’s flashlight to be disabled automatically.

Alternatively, you might have accidentally turned the flashlight off when in video mode in the camera app. If this is the case, you should turn it on and off while in video mode to make sure that your flashlight works again.

This will likely get your flashlight to work again, so it’s worth giving it a try. Just be sure to back up any data that you want to keep in iCloud before performing a factory reset.


The iPhone has a built-in flashlight that you can use to illuminate dark places and take better photos. But it can sometimes be difficult to turn the light on and off.

If the flashlight isn’t working, it could be either a software glitch or a hardware problem. However, there are several solutions to help you get your light back on, including restarting the phone, enabling the toggle, and more.

First, try lowering the brightness on your iPhone. This can be done by going to Settings > Control Center and sliding down on the flashlight slider.

Alternatively, you can try a hard reset or force restart, which will usually fix some weird iOS issues. This method will also erase all data on the device, so make sure you backup any important files before trying it.

Next, if your iPhone’s flashlight isn’t turning on when you enable it from the lock screen or Control Center, try closing all other apps and enabling the toggle again. This should fix the issue and restore your iPhone’s flashlight to working condition.

Another reason why your iPhone’s flashlight might be disabled is because it’s overheating. This can be caused by high external temperatures or intensive activities, such as playing games. If your phone’s battery is low, you can also try charging it to see if that helps.

In any case, it’s best to take your iPhone to an authorized service center to have it checked and fixed if the above solutions aren’t enough. This will ensure that any hardware problems are resolved, so your phone is working properly.

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