How To Make Your Blog A Powerful Social Media Marketing Machine?

If you are interested to make your blog a Powerful Social Media Marketing Machine, then you have to ardently follow some important points which will surely make your blog a powerful social media traffic machine, creating unreal traffic streams for your on-going blogging business.

Have you observed lately that blogs are turning into sales websites and mostly blogging has become more like a sales business than a communication media? In fact in the early days blogs were created mainly as media to communicate ideas, views and get feedback from readers.

But as I said, now we all can see that blogs are built as opt-in pages, sales pages, and mini niche websites. Nothing wrong with that, but when you start to lose sight of what makes a blog a blog, you are in for some mess. The funny part is your readers will not return to your blog as customers for which purpose you are supposed to be running your blog.

Therefore, you must make sure to have an interactive blog that serves its original purpose as a media for communication, to communicate plans, topics, and subject matters to your target audience with the main intent to have your readers get involved to share their opinions and you in return get their feedback.

The second purpose of blog is to continue a conversation you started through other social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or MySpace. It should be a continuous flow from one social media network to your blog, and then another social media network – which then leads to the inevitable sale.

The idea is if they like your YouTube videos, Facebook pages or your Twitter tweets, they will go out of their way to learn more from you and about you to keep the interaction going and to develop a relationship. Therefore, you should link your blog to other social media sites you are interacting with.

Have you ever heard the name of Maria Andros? She has generated thousands of dollars in revenue making 3-minute YouTube videos and being one of the first to tap into the “Twitter phenomenon” before it became big news. She also took Facebook marketing to another level. But Maria is not the only person to take advantage of social media marketing. The other big names are Perry Belcher and of course Dennis Kragnalia, the YouTube money mastermind!

The most important factor that separates you from them is:

They are passionate about primarily helping others get what they want without being anxious to make sales. They mostly drop links in appropriate spots, not overdoing it, and create opt-in pages offering high value free reports, so that their followers can learn more about them without any high-pressure sales tactics. More importantly you must understand that your followers want more information about what you offer.

It is a combination of wanting to learn more about the person who they are buying from and learning more about what they already want to buy. So it’s the wisdom of merging buyer psychology with a personal touch that can push your sales to a higher level. Nowadays prospects check the credential of the seller and that is mostly done through the social media sources.

So you can use your blogs effectively as a traffic machine, offer high value products free, control content suiting your readers’ requirements, and manage your own indirect sales funnel system.

Finally, if you start using the great power that lies in a well-planned and developed blog, you are surely bound to grow your social network into a powerful social media marketing machine. buy youtube shares

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