How to Get YouTube Live Stream Views

Alice is doing a live stream on her smartphone and she says “Hello world!” This video footage is sent out to a CDN where it gets segmented. Then each segment is encoded and compressed, which reduces the visual information – for example by leaving out redundant frames, such as her kitchen wall that doesn’t change in subsequent frames. This segmented video data is then sent out to dozens or even millions of users. Their smartphones or video players receive this data, decode it, and play the resulting video. This is why live streams require a little more latency than downloads of static content.

Some live streams are private and can only be viewed by those who have been invited. But others are public and can be watched by hundreds or even thousands of people. This means children and young people could be exposed to age inappropriate content, and can also be targeted by strangers who may make unwanted or offensive contact.

When used in a positive way, watching and creating live streams can help build confidence and communication skills. It can also give children and young people a sense of belonging by connecting with other users and influencers on the platform, which can reduce feelings of isolation. get youtube live stream views

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