How to Choose the Best Dryer for Your Home

The best dryer for you will depend on the size of your household, how often you wash and the types of fabrics you regularly dry (like delicates or athletic wear). You’ll also want to consider factors like energy efficiency, venting options, design features and price.

A dryer is a machine that tumbles and heats laundry to reduce its moisture content, which is then blown out through ducting. There are various ways to heat a load, including convection heating, hot air jets or radiant heaters.

Depending on the fabric type and other factors, some dryers may have special settings or capabilities, like fabric sensors to detect if a load is finished, wrinkle-free technology to reduce the amount of time spent ironing, and even smart connectivity that can let you control your appliance from your phone.

In addition to the machine itself, you’ll need a place to set it up and adequate space for a venting tube (or a hose in an alternative system). Make sure to measure your laundry room and all doorways that the dryer will need to pass through to ensure it will fit.

Traditional dryers must be vented to prevent lint and other particles from building up inside the machine and causing it to overheat, which can lead to fire hazards. This means you’ll need a place to run the venting and have access to metal ducting (as opposed to plastic or aluminum foil, which easily trap lint). You can also choose a non-venting dryer that doesn’t require a vent but will use a fan instead to blow hot, moist air outside your home, though this may increase your electricity bill slightly. dryers

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