How to Choose Fun Ice Breaker Questions

Ice breakers can be a great way to start conversations and encourage team bonding. But it’s important to choose icebreaker questions that are fun for everyone. Almost everyone enjoys talking about themselves, so questions that ask people to share facts and stories are a great way to spark conversation and get to know one another. These fun ice breaker questions are great for a variety of social settings, including parties and work meetings.

For a fun way to break the ice before a company event, like an all-hands meeting, try a series of company-themed questions that allow employees to discuss their favorite aspects of the company and the mission. These icebreakers can also help keep attendees engaged and focused during the company discussion, keeping everyone on topic and on track.

You can also try a series of “would you rather” style questions to give team members the opportunity to share their preferences and see how they compare to others. These questions are fun for all ages and can often be very funny. Examples include:

For a fun, light-hearted icebreaker, have team members debate silly topics, like whether cats are better than dogs or pineapple belongs on pizza. This icebreaker is a great way to get colleagues laughing and can be especially helpful in new-employee training or to energize teams that regularly deal with stressful projects or situations.

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