How to Build Muscles Without a Gym Membership

If you’re working hard in the gym and not seeing changes to your physique, don’t give up — it might just be that you aren’t doing things correctly. Luckily, building muscle doesn’t require you to spend hours pumping iron in the weight room — it can be accomplished with just your body or the help of a few dumbbells or a bar. If you’re unsure how to best approach this challenge, consult a strength coach or physical therapist for guidance.

The key to building muscles is getting your reps, calorie intake and rest right. This will ensure that you build your muscles while keeping the fat gain to a minimum.

When lifting weights, make sure to choose a load that’s heavy enough to cause you to struggle to complete 12 or more repetitions of an exercise. This will create the metabolic stress needed to increase protein synthesis and stimulate muscle growth. Similarly, when performing isolation exercises like biceps curls, aim to get your biceps to fatigue with the last few reps.

Aim to do 6-20 repetitions in a row before resting, which is known as a set. Increasing this number over time can help you increase your training volume, which is another way to help stimulate muscle growth.

To boost your calorie intake, focus on high-protein foods like lean meats, eggs, fish and dairy, which are all good sources of protein. You can also try incorporating more complex carbs, like sweet potatoes and brown rice. Bygga muskler

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