How Does The Walking Dead End?

If you’ve been watching The Walking Dead, then you’ve probably wondered how the series ends. After all, the finale of Season 3 is just around the corner. And, if you’ve seen the show, then you’re probably wondering how the characters you’ve grown to love will survive. Here are a few things you should keep in mind.

Characters that die in the final episode

One of the most memorable aspects of the series was how the writers managed to kill off major characters. Several of the show’s main antagonists were taken out, leaving the rest of the gang to wonder what would happen next.

In addition to killing off major characters, the show also did a good job of using its time slot to deliver a high quality episode. This meant the series finale of The Walking Dead was packed with interesting exposition and a good dose of shocking moments.

Some of the other notable deaths included Abraham Ford’s decapitation, a zombie-fied version of Noah’s brothers, and the death of the Governor. However, it was the death of Rosita Espinosa (Christian Serratos) that most impressed fans.

In addition to killing off the Governor and Negan, the show also killed off a number of fan favorites. This was the first time that the show did a double-shot.

Another character that died in the finale was Deanna Monroe. She was a member of Alexandria and faced a number of threats in the series.

The Walking Dead has had a number of comic book and video game inspired deaths. For example, the show also adapted the death of the governor as well as the death of the most impressive piece of technology.

While many of these are still a bit under the hood, the show did manage to find the time to tell some of the stories of its lesser-known characters.

Setup for spin-offs

The Walking Dead is a gruesome saga of zombies and survival. It has produced over 250 episodes and has continued to expand its universe with several spin-offs. Several of these have already started airing, while three more are in development. This article explores some of the major spin-offs that will debut in the coming years.

Fear the Walking Dead follows a family as they struggle to survive in Los Angeles during the zombie apocalypse. Alycia Debnam-Carey, Ruben Blades, Austin Amelio, and Christine Evangelista are all featured in the show.

The Walking Dead: Dead City is one of the upcoming spin-offs. The six-part series will follow Maggie and Negan as they try to find safety in New York City. They are joined by new characters such as Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan.

While we’re all sad to see the end of the original show, fans of the show can look forward to many more upcoming spin-offs in the future. AMC is planning to make a lot of investment in the Walking Dead franchise.

In a zombie herd

If you’re a fan of the show, you’ve probably been curious about what’s in store for the series’ finale. It ended with a cliffhanger that left viewers eager to know what comes next. The Walking Dead has been airing for a dozen seasons and it was time to say goodbye to the characters, a good number of which made it through the finale alive.

While many fans are disappointed that the show won’t be returning for another season, a lot of them have been wondering what the heck will happen. After all, the first two episodes have been low-key, setting up the next big storyline.

The final episode of the series is titled “Rest in Peace,” and it’s a bit of a tease. Not only does it feature a few memorable moments, it also gives fans a taste of what to expect from the long-running zombie apocalypse.

The episode opens with Rosita (Sarah Wayne Callahan) running through the woods, which is a big deal in the world of zombies. As a result, she and Eugene (Chandler Hall) are chased by talking zombies, but it’s not until later that they learn of their condition.

The end of the show’s heyday was also marked by a handful of notable deaths. Jules (Alex Sgambati) was a fast casualty, but he did manage to get a few aces up his sleeve.

Mercer’s plan to take out the walkers

Mercer (Michael James Shaw) is a character on The Walking Dead. He is the military commander for the Commonwealth. He is usually a calm and stoic character. But sometimes, he can be a bit of a pain.

He has been thrown in jail once. This was an “existential” mistake. Now, he needs more time to gather soldiers. However, he is also tempted to change sides.

Mercer is romantically involved with Princess. But she wants him to take a stand against Pamela. She’s also trying to bring former prisoners into the city.

During their meeting, Mercer asks why he’s in the city. He says he has a mission to protect people. Eventually, he will have to go back to the Commonwealth to do that.

Mercer is not afraid of putting his life on the line. Eventually, he will fight the walkers.

Afterward, he is taken to a safe house. There, he talks about his time with the Saviors. He also explains his upcoming trials. Apparently, he’s going to be sentenced to death.

Princess and Max fight back against the walkers

Toward the end of The Walking Dead season 10, the group finds themselves in a fight against the walkers. In addition to fighting the walkers, they are also trying to take down Pamela. However, things don’t go as planned.

At the end of the series, there are six bonus episodes. They include a deeper look at Negan’s past. Mercer is also introduced as the new Lieutenant Governor of Alexandria.

Mercer is an idealistic character. He’s committed to his duties. But he also needs help from Eugene. As the show opens, the group finds themselves in desperate need of food and supplies.

Mercer and Eugene are separated from one another. Mercer believes that Eugene is responsible for Sebastian’s death, but Eugene knows he’s not. It’s a good thing that he was able to keep secret from Pamela.

Princess is the most underused character in the show. Her role could really use some attention. She’s been underused in the past, and the writers haven’t been able to come up with a good solution.

The show ended on a cliffhanger, which means that we’re not sure where the episode will go next. Hopefully we’ll get to see more of Mercer and Princess soon.

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