Family & Divorce Lawyers

Family & divorce lawyers handle legal matters that involve spouses, children and other relatives. They may focus on domestic violence cases, adoptions and property division. They often represent couples seeking a divorce through non-adversarial processes such as mediation and collaborative law. They may also advocate on behalf of a client in a custody dispute, presenting evidence such as school records, testimony from psychologists or substance abuse counselors and criminal records.

The term “divorce lawyer” has come to suggest that a legal practice deals solely with issues unique to marriage break-ups. However, the broader field of family law covers other legal issues such as child custody and support, even disputes between unmarried co-habitants.

A divorce can be complicated and emotional, particularly when children are involved. A New York divorce attorney can help spouses settle property division, child custody and alimony issues in a fair and reasonable manner. They can also guide clients through other family law concerns, such as guardianship and paternity proceedings.

One of the most difficult decisions involves child custody, where a court must decide which parent should have primary parenting time and which should have visiting rights. In determining a child’s best interests, the court considers factors such as the parents’ relationship with the child, each parent’s stability and their ability to care for the child. To assist parents in navigating these emotionally charged cases, a family lawyer can present evidence such as school records and testimony from mental health professionals. אמיר בר לב

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