Gain a Competitive Edge With Grip Socks

A split second advantage can mean the difference between winning and losing, and the best footballers seek every opportunity to gain an edge on the field. Whether you’re a professional player or the sort of footballer who plays 6-a-side on Tuesdays after work, it makes sense to use every piece of equipment at your disposal to help elevate your performance. One such piece of kit is grip socks, and a pair will give you an instant competitive edge on the pitch.

Grip socks are worn over normal football socks and work by increasing traction, taking pressure off the feet when they’re moving around in their boots. This helps prevent slipping, which can cause injury and reduce your ability to move quickly and change direction. A pair of grip socks will also take away the moisture from sweaty feet, which can make the socks slippery inside your boot and impede your performance.

The extra padding and thickness of a grip sock will also help prevent blisters, which are common in footballers – especially in pre season when new boots, warm weather and hard ground combine to create an ideal recipe for sore feet. This additional support also increases blood flow to the feet, which can help reduce muscle fatigue and improve endurance.

Grippy socks are compatible with any kind of footy footwear, including moulds, studs and astro’s. They’re easy to put on, and are simple to maintain – simply wash your football socks and slip your grip socks over them before a game or training session. football socks grip

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