Funko Pop Naruto

For those with a passion for anime and manga, Funko Pop naruto is a great way to add some flair to any collection. The stylized vinyl figures make for a fun addition to shelf décor, desks and window sills or wherever space is at a premium. The line features a variety of characters from the popular series, including the titular ninja and his companions. The lineup also includes villainous members of the Akatsuki like Kakuzu and Sasuke, and ninja prodigies such as Sakura and Sai.

The main protagonist of the series, Naruto Uzumaki, leads the pack as a jinchuriki, the guardian spirit of the Nine-Tails, in his battle gear. He aims to become the Hokage of his clan with a ferocious determination that powers him up with the Rasengan. He’s also shown in a pre-release exclusive form, with his Sixth Path Sage divine transformation, allowing him to harness even more power for his mission.

Fans of the shinobi master can also find a figurine featuring his apprentice, Sasuke. He is armed with his lightning blade and menacing expression, making him the perfect figure to display alongside the Hokage figure. The lineup also features other polarizing characters like Kakashi, who has one of the most iconic character designs in the anime.

For those looking to increase the value of their collection, there is a coveted Naruto (Sage Mode) Prototype Funko Pop. The rare figure showcases the ninja’s powerful Sage Mode and offers a glimpse into the creative process. Its limited availability amplifies its value, with collectors regularly seeing it sell for more than $500. funko pop naruto

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