French Cuisine And Its History!

The diversity of French Cuisine is so extreme that only Chinese have kinds of their foods that are similar to the French ones. They have to thank this variety to the amazing history of France, the different climates and geographies that are the base of their local production that brings so much kinds of ingredients and of course last but not least the well known French Passion for excuisite Foods. In all its forms, if you want to understand France or its inhabitants you have to understand the culture of its food!

Their dinners can variate from very basic meals like the traditional baguette with cheese and cheap wine until extraordinary « Gourmet festivities » like their `Jet Set` meals which mostly contain Caviar and a lot of different wines which cost enormous amounts. Of course this `Jet Set` meals are only reserved to exceptional V.I.P`s.

This kind of sophisticated meals are normally found in the typical French restaurants like in other Europe countries or in The United States of America which mainly misguides the foreigner by making them think that the French Cuisine is complicated and very heavy! In fact, the basic French Cuisine is extremely simple and mostly relying on their local production of fresh ingredients like cheeses, vegetables, wines, and many others,…

Commonly in the South of France the stores and such close at lunch time because most of the people return to their homes to take a two our brake with their families. To provide them enough time to go out to lunch they usually reopen the businesses around 2 P.M. And stay open until 7 P.M. This is more particular in the villages and smaller towns in the South of France.

Wine and cheese are the most common accompaniments to a French dinner aside bread and water. In other countries wine is reserved for special occasions and is very expensive but in France it is a standard way of eating to have some wine with their everyday meal. In their culture they really appreciate to match the kind of wine with the style of food even if it stays an ordinary meal.

Often they serve a « Cheese Plateau » that contains three or four kinds of cheeses before the dessert to appreciate the local cheese. Typically they provide at the same tine some sliced baguette or another kind of bread.

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