Floating Water Pump

Floating water pump are efficient and practical solutions for a wide variety of situations and environments from flood protection to agriculture and mining. Unlike stationary pumps, these mobile units are easily transported to an operating site and can be maneuvered to drain multiple locations or maintain a constant water level at a particular height.

Typically, these pumps are equipped with a float switch which detects the rise or fall of the water and triggers the pump to either turn on or off. They are useful for removing water from flooded houses and buildings, draining low spots in ponds and ditches or transferring waste water for disposal.

These float switches are easy to install and operate. They are essentially a sensor that is installed in the liquid tank and, depending on how it is wired, will open or close an electrical circuit. Similar to a float switch in your toilet tank, when the float rises the water pump will turn on to evacuate the water, and as the float goes down it turns off the pump.

Our floating pump kits are designed with a high-flow self-priming centrifugal water pump and come complete with a float, base, and camlock hose connection binding so it won’t pull apart. The float is filled with closed cell polyurethane foam which keeps it in place even when the water level drops. It also has four built in carrying handles making it easy to carry even in rough terrain.

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