Fire Damage Repair

Fire damage repair can be a tricky and expensive process. The structure must be inspected first to ensure that it is safe for entry and that there is not a serious structural issue preventing its return to habitability. A good restoration company will be able to determine whether the building is safe and can be repaired, as well as help you decide if it makes sense to rebuild or remodel your home.

Structural damage caused by fire and heat can be severe, compromising the integrity of walls, roofs, and foundations. The heat can also weaken materials such as wood, drywall, and carpeting. Additionally, firefighting requires a significant amount of water to extinguish the fire, which can cause flooding and wetness in areas like drywall and wood.

The smoke generated by burning combustibles also causes damage, as does acidic soot, which can accelerate the deterioration of various materials in a property. The damage caused by smoke can also be difficult to remove, requiring specialized cleaning techniques such as dry sponges, vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and special soot removal products.

Other common problems that can be caused by a fire include damaged electrical wiring and frayed pipes, which must be addressed to restore the house’s ability to function properly again. In addition, water damage from the fire and water used to extinguish it can cause mold development on insulation, drywall, and wood beams. A restoration company will be able to address these issues as they work on repairing the more obvious flame damage to the building. fire damage repair

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