Finding the Perfect Melbourne Curly Hair Salon

Anyone with wavy, curly or textured hair knows that finding a salon that will treat their strands with the care they deserve is no easy task. And even though there are many Instagram-influenced stylists out there claiming to be curl experts, their obsessive product sales and misinformation usually prove to be anything but. A true curly hair specialist has well-honed principles that prioritise effective communication and thorough consultation.

Enter Hermiz at Joey Scandizzo Salon. This curly hair master’s salon has ‘curl love’ written all over it – from the scented Aveda aromas that permeate the air to the burgundy and white decor and life-sized portraits of Lionel Richie and Prince that adorn the walls.

Founded by a woman with a passion for curls, this salon has a whole team of curl specialists that will help you get your ‘lock goals’ in check. Their ‘curl concierge’ can take the stress out of a curly haircut, providing you with a comprehensive consultation that takes into account your lifestyle and future follicle plans.

So whether you’re looking for a melbourne curly hair salon that will provide you with a precision dry cut, a detox wash or curl coaching, make sure to browse through the five star rated businesses on Fresha and discover a new you! melbourne curly hair salon

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