Fenben Lab Fenbendazole

Fenben lab fenbendazole is a very safe broad spectrum anthelmintic used to treat most gastrointestinal parasites. The drug is also used to control pulmonary helminths (lungworms) in cats and can be administered in large doses for up to 5 days to effectively control Giardia. In addition, fenbendazole is very effective at controlling pinworm infections in cats. The drug is available in tablet, capsule and powder forms. The powder is the most economical and contains 222 mg of pure fenbendazole per serving. It is a fat soluble and slowly absorbing form of the medication. Each serving is equivalent to one tablet. Each bottle contains 45 servings.

The effect of varying concentrations of fenbendazole on the viability of EMT6 cells in culture was determined by measuring cell number in the colony formation assay. Incubation of cells with fenbendazole for 2 or 24 h resulted in significant reductions in clonogenicity and the number of colonies at the end of treatment. In addition, cells treated for 24 h with fenbendazole demonstrated reduced proliferation in vitro.

The effects of fenbendazole on tumor growth in BALB/c mice were examined using three daily intraperitoneal injections of the drug. Mice were fed diets supplemented with either a low or high dose of fenbendazole and allowed to develop tumors which were measured at four-day intervals until they reached a calculated volume of 1000 mm3. Diet treatment with fenbendazole alone did not alter tumor growth in unirradiated mice, but in contrast, the combination of dietary vitamins and fenbendazole significantly inhibited tumor growth in irradiated animals. The data indicate that both the vitamin and anthelmintic activities of fenbendazole appear to be responsible for this synergistic effect on tumor growth. fenben lab fenbendazol

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