Factors to Be Considered While Selecting Abrasive Belts

Grinding is the process of removing metal using abrasive tools, which are connected to form a rotating wheel. The grinding machine is used for roughing and finishing cylindrical, flat and conical surfaces. However, while using these machines some special safety precautions must be observed.

Belt grinding is an abrasive machining process used on metals and other materials. This is an abrasive machining process used on metals and other materials. These machines achieve rates of high production efficiency, not present in any other method of grinding or polishing. Moreover, this process imposes less strain on the work piece when compared to other forms. Belt Grinder Machines can be classified into – Platen, Contact Wheel, Free belt and Centreless. Belt grinder contact wheels are driven directly by the motor. During this process, a coated abrasive belt travels over a wheel, which serves to apply on opposing pressure to the work piece.

Belt grinding is a process suitable for all kinds of applications. The three different applications include finishing, deburring and stock removal. Finishing refers to leveling rough surfaces, removal of micro burrs, cosmetic finishes and polishing. Deburring includes radiusing, burr removal and edge breaking. Stock removal includes high stock removal, cleaning for example corrosion, eliminating mill or tool marks and dimensioning. Abrasive belt machines are usually classified by the surface that forms the backup of the coated abrasive at the work area. This backup plays a crucial role on the material removal rate and on the finish. The backup governs the angle of cut, choice of contact pressure and the speed of operation.

When it comes to the classification of grinding wheel, they are of six types – Straight, Cylinder, Tapered, Straight cup, Dish cup, Diamond and Saucer. The Straight type is found on pedestal or bench grinders. The cylinder variety is used to produce flat surfaces. Tapered ones are chiefly used for gear teeth, grinding thread, etc. While the Straight cup variety is an excellent option for cup wheels in cutter and tool grinders and also have an extra radial surface. The Dish variety is a very shallow cup-style wheel. Its thinness allows cutting for slots and crevices. Diamond wheels are used to drill hard materials like concrete, gemstones & carbide tips. The Saucer Wheel is used for cutting twist drills and milling cutters. diamond burrs

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