Explosion Proof Valves

Explosion Proof Valves are used where there is a fire or explosion hazard from flammable liquids, vapors, combustible dusts or easily ignitable fibers. They are also used for a wide range of industrial applications that require high levels of protection against fire or explosion. PeterPaul explosion-proof valves are available in a number of different sizes and configurations to suit almost any requirement.

The main advantage of an Explosion Proof Valves is that all parts that may cause an explosion are enclosed in a shell. The shell can withstand any joint surface or structural gap through which the combustible mixture may penetrate and explode inside. In addition, the shell prevents sparks and arcs from being ignited in the external environment formed by one or more gases or vapors.

Another feature of an Explosion Proof Valves is that the quick-closing gate valve reacts in a very short time, which reduces the possibility of the formation of a hybrid mixture (gas/dust). It has the highest resistance to explosion pressure of all decoupling systems. This is due to the fact that it closes as soon as the dynamic pressure sensor or flame sensor detects an explosion and not after the explosion has already occurred.

BCST explosion-proof solenoid valves are designed to meet a variety of demanding applications, including turbine manufacturing, chemical process, electric and gas utilities, industrial gasses, cryogenic transfer, and oil refining. They comply with all applicable industry standards, including NEMA and ATEX ratings. Explosion Proof Valves

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