Electrical Panel Clearwater – Save Money and Benefit From the Sun’s Energy

The Clearwater breaker panel is where the electricity in your home is distributed to each outlet and light. It has either fuses or circuit breakers that manage the flow of power throughout your house. Fuses are made of wire surrounded by heat-resistant material, while the circuit breakers have switches that open when they detect too much current flowing through the wiring. The breaker panel also serves as the main switch in your home that can be used to shut off all of the electricity in an emergency.

If you have an older Tampa breaker box that contains fuses, it is recommended to upgrade to a newer model with circuit breakers. The old fuses can easily overheat, which is a fire danger. Likewise, the newer circuit breakers will be better suited to handle the high electrical demands of modern appliances and devices.

Our team of experienced electricians provides comprehensive electrical services in Clearwater. Whether you need a new breaker panel, an electrical inspection or a security lighting installation, our professionals can help. Our goal is to provide the highest quality service at a fair price. We have a long list of satisfied customers who appreciate our honest, efficient work.

Solar Power in Clearwater

Harnessing the sun’s energy to generate your own electricity has been a dream for some, but is now more affordable than ever. With a residential solar installation, you can dramatically reduce or even eliminate your electric bill and enjoy tax-free savings on your investment in your home.

A reputable Tampa solar company, like Meraki Solar, can help you save money by installing a grid-tied solar system in your home. This will enable you to produce enough electricity to use at times when the sun is not shining in Clearwater. You can then sell the surplus to your local utility provider, resulting in a credit on your electric bill.

Solar installations offer a relatively quick ROI compared to other investments like real estate or stocks. It also adds value to your property and is completely tax exempt. So don’t hesitate – contact Meraki Solar today to learn how you can save money and benefit the environment with a clean, sustainable solar energy solution. Electrical Panel Clearwater

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