Dometic Cooling Units

Dometic was founded on a crazy idea: two students at Stockholm’s Royal Institute of Technology wanted to create a cooling effect using heat – and they succeeded! Since then, they have been a leader in absorption refrigerators and today we use these cooling units in many different areas. Sodium chromate (EC 231-889-5) is used at our plants in Siegen and Jaszbereny, Hungary, as an anticorrosion additive to carbon steel cooler tubing in absorption fridges.

In order to replace this additive, Dometic developed an alternative called inhibitor 7. Inhibitor 7 was successfully tested in absorption fridges. However, it was found that the inhibitor is not able to prevent corrosion in refrigerators with higher boiler temperature. This means that in these cases the cooling unit needs to be redesigned.

Due to the high investment cost and the fact that production would take place in China, it is not possible for Dometic to offer all of its products without sodium chromate as quickly as before. Therefore the introduction of our new refrigerators with inhibitor 7 is planned to be gradual, starting with the products that have the lowest boiler temperature and subsequently for all the other products. This phasing out of sodium chromate is expected to be completed in 2029. norcold refrigerators

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