Diamond Clarity

What Does Diamond Clarity Mean?

Diamond clarity refers to the measure of flaws that can be found in and also on the outside of a diamond. the more perfect, and the less flaws a diamond has, the more value will be assigned to and the higher price tag it will have. there are a small number of diamonds which fall into the category of having no flaws. The majority of diamond flaws will not be seen without magnification of at least 10 times. Since issues with diamond clarity are seldom detected when looking at a diamond without magnification, many people feel this to be the least of their concerns when choosing a diamond to purchase.

By What Means Is Diamond Clarity Determined?

The most respected determination of diamond clarity is carried out by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). GIA rates diamonds based on a grading system it created that ranges from flawless diamonds, to imperfect diamonds, with various grade ranges in between. The higher the clarity ranking, the more costly a diamond will be sold for as it has greater value.

The Kinds Of Inclusions That Effect Diamond Clarity

Inclusions are flaws which can influence diamond clarity. Inclusions cause the gem to be rated as not “perfect”, as visual imperfection are found within the gemstone. Many flaws however, go un-noticed by the naked eye and are only seen under high levels of magnification.

There are labels for many of the more common inclusions. Carbons affect the clarity of diamonds because they appear as very small black dots that are found on the surface of a diamond, which might be visible in regular lighting. Some will be so tiny that you need magnification to view them. Pinpoints have an affect on diamond clarity because they are white dots along the surface of a diamond. Pinpoints are the more commonly seen of all diamond flaws. Clouds also affect diamond clarity because they create what appears as cloudy areas within the gemstone. The clouds are actually the formation of many growths of crystals positioned closely together within the diamond, and their proximity to each other is what creates the cloudy appearance. The affect of feathers on diamond clarity causes cracks to form within the diamond, which have a look similar to that of broken glass.

Clarity Enhancements

Diamond clarity flaws can frequently be repaired or minimized by using a variety of clarity enhancement treatments. Some diamonds will be painted, Others get lasered to take away pinpoints and carbons, and some stones undergo a method by which very small holes are drilled into the diamond in order to reach areas of inclusions within the gemstone, and then the later the cracks will be filled with molten glass. Performing enhancements to improve diamond clarity lessens the overall value of the stone, but can improve it’s appearance. Diamond certificates should reflect that enhancements have been done on the diamond, so request documentation prior to making a purchase. While most of these enhancements will make the diamond look better, some can actually create weakness in the diamond, and make it more prone to breakage than a diamond that has had no treatments. diamond painting eigenes bild

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