Dad Jokes For Kids

Whether your kids are 5 or 15-years-old, they’re going to love these dad jokes. Including classic knock-knock jokes, funny animal jokes, food jokes and even a few weirdly gross ones, this list has something to tickle the funny bones of any child. Plus, with more than 200 jokes, you’re sure to find one that’ll meet your child where they are at — be it a kid who likes animal jokes, something silly or even a little bit macabre.

Watching your kids grow up is a great thing, but watching them develop their sense of humor is even better. When your children start to tell jokes of their own, it’s such a fun way for them to get creative and show off their cleverness. And, nothing makes a parent smile more than seeing their kid laugh. So, go ahead and share these fun dad jokes with your kids. They might groan and roll their eyes at first, but eventually they’ll be laughing so hard that they won’t care that you’re just trying to make them laugh! dad jokes for kids

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