Custom Fuzzy Socks

Fuzzy Socks are very versatile and can be worn as sleeping socks, work socks, outdoor socks, school socks, thermal socks, cozy socks, or just to stay warm during the winter. They can also be worn by sports teams to keep their players warm during games and practice. They are also very comfortable and soft for yoga and other forms of exercise. They can even prevent slips on slippery flows by having a textured bottom.

Made from 40 gram feather yarn, Custom Fuzzy Socks are a fun promotional item for team WFH events or for students and staff in the classroom. They are the perfect gift for a bridal party or for a stocking stuffer for friends and family at Christmas time! They can also be paired with our comfy sleep shirts or pajamas to create a full set of personalized apparel. Logos are embroidered on the top of each sock using the fusion embroidery method for a long-lasting logo that is durable against washing. Price includes one pair of high-quality socks and a poly sleeve with a custom tag. Custom Fuzzy Socks

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