Critical Traits of a Spray Foam Installer

A spray foam installer is a tradesperson who uses high-pressure, closed-cell spray polyurethane foam to add insulation to buildings or homes. They must know how to operate the equipment and understand the proper application techniques. They may also need to follow local building codes and acquire permits when working on a project.

In addition to their technical skills, a spray foam installer needs to have good customer service. Customers can easily get frustrated with contractors who ignore their calls, fail to respond quickly to emails or are unwilling to discuss potential problems. In the spray foam industry, it’s especially important to be responsive because many issues arise after the initial installation.

Another critical trait of a spray foam installer is their ability to read blueprints and follow detailed instructions. This is a common skill for contractors in all trades, but it’s particularly necessary for spray foam installers who must work quickly and accurately. They also need to be familiar with the products they’re using so they can choose the best option for each job.

Lastly, a spray foam installer must be willing to take on-site measurements and calculate surface areas to create accurate spray foam job bids. This involves basic math – for example, finding the surface area of a wall is simply a matter of multiplying its length and height. However, this requires minimal physical measurement on-site and can be done with a mobile app. With this information at hand, spray foam contractors can confidently provide a competitive price for each job they take on.

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