Coffee Shops in the Netherlands

A coffee shop is a place where you can legally buy cannabis and related products (like hashish) for recreational use. They are also known as a Koffie Huis or cafe and serve drinks like coffee and tea, plus snacks like sandwiches and cakes (or Appel Gebak – a traditional Dutch apple pie). Most of them also sell some weed.

They are popular among young people and the elderly. They often have a social atmosphere and have plenty of activities to keep you entertained like playing foosball or chess. Some are open late. Upstairs Coffeeshop in Arnhem is a good example.

You can only enter a coffeeshop if you are over 18 and show your passport or ID card when you get there. The staff will check your ID for age, and you’ll need to sign a declaration that you will not cause nuisance or trouble.

In general, you can visit any coffeeshop in the Netherlands, but some municipalities have extra rules. For instance, Amsterdam and cities near the border with Belgium or Germany have special rules for tourists.

The city of Amsterdam has over 160 coffeeshops, and each one offers a different atmosphere. Many of them cater to locals, but there are also a few coffeeshops that welcome tourists and visitors from other countries. For example, the Siberie is a coffeeshop on Brouwersgracht with a nice, relaxed vibe. It offers free horoscope readings, live music and board games. Another popular place is Boerejongens, which has four locations in Amsterdam, each with its own style and atmosphere. Coffee shops in the Netherlands

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