CloudGavel and the Warrant Electronic System

GAVEL is a centralized practice management platform that helps solo practitioners and small law firms efficiently start and manage their legal practice. GAVEL is a one-stop shop that includes client intake, document automation and workflow management with a single, end-to-end integration. This eliminates data fragmentation / crumbs across multiple applications and ensures the highest level of security for your firm and clients.

The system was developed by FusionStak, a national leader in law and justice systems. FusionStak’s leadership team was a pioneer of the electronic warrant concept back in 2007 and has continued to innovate the product to meet the needs of officers and judges nationwide.

Officers use CloudGavel to generate warrants electronically and to request approval by a judge through a secure video conference link. This process allows them to act quickly, reduce the risk that a suspect will be tipped off and flee and also helps to protect their constitutional rights.

A Trooper logs into the eWarrant System while in their squad car and submits a search warrant for a DUI/DWI blood draw to an on-call judge. The judge approves the warrant and the trooper can proceed with the blood draw onsite at the hospital. The officer is able to obtain the sample before normal dissipation of alcohol and therefore gets a more accurate true BAC reading.

The eWarrant System is used by thousands of police departments nationwide and has received a number of national awards. It is a seamless system for requesting a warrant, processing a warrant and sending the result back to the police officer. Officers are able to create an eWarrant from any device with a secure internet connection and can submit it directly to a judge. cloud gavel

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