Cloud Gadget for Law Enforcement

Cloud gavel is a legal document automation software that helps law firms manage client information and automate the drafting of documents. It allows users to create interview questions, populate client data into forms and upload documents. Documents can be tagged and shared with clients and colleagues. Additionally, the platform provides search functionality for identifying documents, archiving and data management. It also offers a public API and multiple integrations.

Designed by Fusionstak LLC, the top electronic warrant solution in the US, cloud gavel enables law enforcement officers to act quickly as soon as they have probable cause. It lets them use any internet-capable device to log in and create an eWarrant. This can be sent to a judge or DA for digital review and approval. It also allows for a secure video conference link between the officer and judge, eliminating the need to physically be in an office.

The company’s centralized database, Arrest Warrant Xchange, keeps track of all outstanding warrants. It enables law enforcement agencies to share information and collaborate with other departments by reducing duplicate requests. In addition, it helps in maximizing the efficient deployment of police resources by reducing unplanned overtime used to process paperwork and allowing more hours to be spent on the apprehension and conviction of criminals. Founded in 2007 by a dynamic group of professionals, the company is led by an experienced leadership team and has won numerous national awards. It is headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. cloud gavel

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