Buying a Portable Fire Pump

A portable fire pump is an essential tool for any emergency service and the right choice can deliver the pressure and flow required for effective use. Advances in air-cooled engines, materials and pump technology have made these fire pumps versatile and functional tools for firefighters. They are designed to be easy to operate, light in weight and comply with world wide regulations for exhaust emissions and noise levels. Angus Fire offers a range of self-contained portable fire pumps with petrol or diesel engines for all your fighting needs.

The size of the water source and its availability drives the type of fire fighting pump you choose. Whether you’re supplying a sprinkler system in a commercial building or battling a bushfire, the fire pump you choose must be capable of handling the volume of water required and deliver it under the specified pressure. The goal of fire suppression is to quickly and efficiently place water directly into the fire’s path.

To achieve this you need a high-pressure fire pump with a high flow rate and capacity. You’ll also want to ensure your firefighting pump is easy starting and can handle the water transfer and tank filling requirements of your job.

If your pump is being used as part of a wildland firefighting team, the ability to move the pump from one site to another, sometimes over rough terrain should be considered too. The ideal fire pump should be able to be carried or wheeled by one or two people and be ready for operation at the fire site in a short amount of time.

Look for a fire fighting pump with a recoil or electric start. You should also be able to choose between different engine options, ensuring the fire fighting pump you buy is reliable and can be started in harsh conditions. Look for a low oil level sensor, a spark arrestor and an anti-skid mounting feet.

A self-priming capability is an important feature to consider when buying a fire fighting pump. A fire pump’s ability to retain its first prime helps overcome the problem of air blocking the suction inlet and keeps it operational.

Identifying and specifying the right fire pump for the task at hand is much like Goldilocks finding that bowl of porridge that’s just right. Too much pumping and resources are wasted, too little and the results could be disastrous. The key is to find that sweet spot that balances horsepower, pressure, flow rate and capacity, all within the parameters of your available budget and the conditions you will be using it in.

For those situations where heavy duty, large fire pumps are needed we offer a variety of Mercedes products including the highly popular Wick(r) BN4200-23BS, designed for wild land, hunting camp and cottage protection as well as interagency hot shot crews. Powered by a 10 HP, 210 cc modern 2-stroke Solo engine, it is one of the most fuel efficient fire pumps on the market. The BN4200-23BS features an exclusive belt box/pump-end combination with the latest in fire fighting technology and out performs all of its competitors. portable fire pump

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